Meet The HOW Girls

About Our Founders

The love and appreciation that created Holistic Organic Wellness is rooted in our belief that physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness is both achievable and affordable. We believe that there are many paths to the top of the wellness mountain and we are passionate about sharing the many tools available to optimize your wellness. At The HOW Center, we help you find the path that feels best for you.

Meet Adriana Guardia


Adriana’s is an interesting story. Born in Bogota, Colombia, her family moved to Caracas, Venezuela when she was 11 years old. She attended an English-speaking school where she learned the language, and after she graduated from High School, her family moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida. However, she left behind the man she loved, Romar Guardia.

Romar came to see Adriana a few months later, and they eloped and had no choice but to return to Caracas due to lack of visas.  Two years later, they were able to move back to Florida where Adriana took over her parents dry-cleaning business and turned it around, saving it from closing.

The couple had two children – daughter Natasha and son Nikolas– and when the children were young, Adriana ran a home child-care service, and was then hired at the YMCA where she was in charge of twenty 2-year-olds. She moved on to a bookkeeping job with Farmers Financial Services and to this day, numbers, problem solving and bookkeeping are her strengths.

Her career path included several administrative and bookkeeping positions, including Quickbooks and tax preparation.

In 2009 Adriana began keeping the books for a natural healing professional who ran a small naturopath clinic. She immediately connected with the methodology and beliefs of alternative, natural medicine. It became her passion after she healed her ailments of back pain and gut issues.  She cleansed her body of toxins and the results were amazing!  She developed a close relationship with the manufacturer of the clinic’s supplements, and assisted in opening a retail business for these products. From 2012 – 2014 Adriana managed this supplement/vitamin shop but realized how hard it was to compete against GNC, Vitamin World and the online market.  The plan to share her “transformation” developed into a vision of a  “holistic oasis” where she would bring all modalities under one roof.

And so the Holistic Organic Wellness Center was opened, to provide a comfortable, non-intimidating environment for men and women to seek solace, calm, and healing of mind, body and spirit through a variety of natural means based in ancient wisdom but most importantly, always supported by science.

Adriana now performs all the functions of a CEO and CFO as the Director and Manager of the HOW Center, which she co-owns and operates with Stephanie Cimino. She loves her work and welcomes your questions and visits – drop in anytime during business hours to meet Adriana and Stephanie and learn more about HOW.

Meet Stephanie Cimino

stephaniearomatherapywallStephanie’s appreciation for holistic health dates back to the age of 8, when she was hospitalized for an illness that resulted from dangerously high stress levels. Diagnosed with ADD, anxiety, depression, and acid reflux, Stephanie’s mother opted to treat her holistically instead of medicating her with multiple prescriptions. Thus began Stephanie’s journey into holistic organic healing. Utilizing homeopathy, flower remedies, talk therapy, theatre, yoga, essential oils, and breathing techniques, Stephanie discovered her love for healing herself and empowering others to do the same. Over the years, this would lead to her exploration of several modalities including reiki, healing touch, chakra balancing, metaphysics, herbalism, spirituality, and personal empowerment. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University with degrees in Sociology and Psychology.

Stephanie is now a certified Clinical Aromatherapist and has received her license in skincare and body wrapping. She has also attended courses in plant-based skincare in Lectoure, France, Orthobionomy, lymphatic drainage, energy work, mediumship, and psychic development.

Every day, Stephanie lives her passion by helping her clients co-create their own healing experience through a variety of customized services. Her delicate ritual of hand-pouring essential oil blends is infused with pure love and intention to serve your highest good. You’ll feel it in every drop!

Call us today to book your free wellness consultation with Stephanie!