The Center

Whether you are new to natural wellness and holistic health or you are already embarked on your wellness journey, we invite you to discover our center, and experience our products and services for yourself. This is the only way to appreciate the effectiveness of our methods, classes, healing services, and 100% natural products.

The center specializes in:

Natural skin care and Anti-aging
Herbal Detoxification and Cleansing
Ionic Foot Baths
Functional Medicine
and Nutritional Guidance

The HOW Center is run by two incredible individuals, both 100% devoted to serving clients in the best manner possible. Read more about Adriana and Stephanie here, along with the background of the business.


The Environment

As soon as you walk in our doors, you will feel the calmness of the setting and the warmth of the people who work here. Unlike high-end spas which can be intimidating, we encourage guests to make themselves at home. “Our casa es su casa”. Sit quietly for a few minutes, meditate if you like. Do some yoga stretches. Have a healthy snack or beverage. Then get ready to enjoy your HOW experience.

Our center features the ZEN room, where guests relax and enjoy using the Far Infrared and Biomat treatments, or an Ionic foot bath. This is a smaller, cozy room. We also have the larger Namaste room where we provide group services or hold group classes and workshops. (You can reserve this room for your own group if you like, just ask).

Our private treatment room is soothing and inviting, where you can experience facials, aromatherapy, healing touch, and more.



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